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This unique distance learning program consists of six independent courses at three levels  (beginners, advanced, more advanced) — three drawing courses and three painting courses (Egg tempera technique).

These series of iconography courses are designed as a practical program for learning the basic skills and techniques of the traditional Byzantine system.   This system can serve as a foundational basis for a creative contemporary approach to the art of iconography.


Drawing I. The basics of the Byzantine painting system. Drawing of human figures in different positions.

Painting I. The basics ofAnnunciation, Christ . Students paint a bust of a saint.

Drawing II. The art of composition within Byzantine painting system. Students draw small creative compositions of the great feasts of the Church.

Painting II. Students are introduced to small compositions and paint a small composition ( For example: Annunciation, Christ and the Samaritan woman)

Drawing III. The art of creating structure in Byzantine painting system.  Students under the guidance of their instructor, draw original compositions by creatively reshaping traditional compositions.

Painting III. Students paint a large composition ( For example : The Crucifixion, the healing of blind man).


Method A:  Working with the  Instructor

Students have access to the teaching material (online videos) and work directly with  the instructor, George Kordis.
Students may send their drawings through the website which are then corrected by the instructor with relevant comments and suggestions and then returned.

Students may send corrected drawings to their instructor several times until they will get permission to move on to the next lesson.


Method B:  Working without the Instructor’s Supervision

Students have access to the teaching material (online videos), but are not supervised by the course instructor George Kordis.
As a result, students cannot send drawings or exercises to the instructor. However, in this way students can work individually at their own pace using the online material.


  • Flexibility– students work when and where they choose to work on their drawings
  • Social– students can engage as a group through online chat
  • Pace – Students will have access to the videos beyond the time as  an active participant.
  • Access -The videos will be available at any time of the day!


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